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Kristina Marie

Founder and Digital Sushi 101 Workshop Partner

Kristina does wicked magic with light and noise. A lifelong crusader for culture and the things that make life better, she finds excitement in discovering ways to raise the marketing game of the businesses she builds relationships with.

Maybe she’ll print out handmade posters and cruise around her neighborhood on rollerblades to save a local theatre.

Maybe she’ll find clever ways to use digital tools in ways they were never designed. However she does it, she brings a deep understanding of corporate marketing and a wildly creative streak as wide as her personality to every project. The business is called marketing, but when Kristina gets ahold of it, they might as well change the name to building community. She’s built communities around local music scenes, small and vibrant, and she’s built communities that fly around the world around values uniting people from hundreds of countries.
At the time of this writing, she lives in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and sons, but she’s sort of a citizen of the world. No saying where she’ll be next.

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