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Beyond Templates for Skeeter of PINAS SADYA

Bespoke Branding Bootcamp - Case Study

When people say “Branding Bootcamp” do you imagine some militant stuff surrounding doing logos, web visuals and such? 

This is a quick excerpt from Thinking 360 by Desiree Reid. The first of three sessions created bespoke for Skeeter of Pinas Sadya— ironically also a Filipino term for “bespoke”, “pinasadya” as well as a company that has aimed to be imparting joy with every beautiful handcrafted item.

Branding Bootcamp gets you “unstuck” (if that’s what’s necessary) — and then off to methodical ways to bring you from idea-to-launch in three 2-hour sessions. 
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The next course starts on OCTOBER 2022
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