Sustainability and the Playground: A Contemporary Romance

The word sustainability has taken on some green implications. But that’s only half the story. Sustainable business practices have everything to do with sustaining the whole Human Environment.

Certainly they mean that. Sustainability in business also pertains to this question: can you sustain your business?

Sustainability is among the most urgent issues to be addressed by business owners. Discussing sustainability needs to be part of the initial idea phase. While some established brands can dictate "radical" terms such as severing ties with unsustainable retailers, it's safe to say that no matter how far you've come in your product development, it is crucial to keep yourself well versed in understanding trends and where you stand in the conversation.

Brands pursue sustainability in different ways. We consider everything from sustainable packaging and ingredients to sustainable concepts such as product refills versus single-use packaging.

Collaboration comes into it. Consider collaborating with sustainable partners, such as Terracycle. Terracycle’s mission is “Eliminating the idea of waste.”

The idea of a circular economy, i.e., the development of sustainability at every stage in the production line, is gaining traction.

Sustainability is also a relationship between brand and customer. Understanding the importance of sustainability to your target audience is a great platform for community building. Aim for it: you and your tribe ought to develop a sustainable business.

Sustainability may seem like a concept to be tackled by large corporations. Not so. Brands of every size have to tackle this critical element in order to sustain any business model.

"Sustainability is not a concept of the future and should not be just part of your brand DNA. You ought to use it to help you choose vendor partners."

In recent news:

Frank Body severs ties with unsustainable beauty retailers - announced 8 September 2021

Let me ask you something: How much consideration have you given to the subject of sustainability as part of your brand DNA? Is sustainability important to your target audience? What will your sustainable model look like?

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