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I seek your Tipping Point Story

I mean the tale of Crossing the Chasm. Traipsing over The Threshold between Before and, well, Now.

A lesser known fact about me is that I once jumped off a plane ten times in one week. It was skydiving in Motueka, New Zealand where I once fancied the idea of being a skydiving instructor. That was the "hefty" price to pay. I adored it. I wonder sometimes if that is the very same mindset I've held onto most of my adult life in order to equip myself to take the necessary leaps of faith I've had -- living and working across 4 continents.

But there's more. It's the energy I get from others in my present universe.

Everyone I’ve ever got along with is nurturing a more than half-baked plan for the clever coffee shop or Italian countryside vineyard which they will run someday. That’s aside from the ones already running that aforementioned coffee shop. I don’t seek these people out. Or, rather, I do, because there’s something in them, some spark of adventure, that sees a coffee shop as a perfect expression of their adventuring spirit.

That and, well, all my best ideas were fuelled in part by one of six cups of coffee I have every day. Vibing with others in that headspace seems quite natural to me.

All our best friends over here at Think Digital have a spark like that. Even if they’re a corporate employee and happy being that, they have a secret. Under their surface, they can never quite shake a thought that there’s a better way. A future pathway.

Then, at some point in their careers, our best friends changed their narrative.

They stopped asking, “What if…?”

They changed the question. They asked, “Why not?”

That turn in fortunes fascinates us. We call it the Tipping Point: that edge with calm following along on one side and the excitement of trailblazing on the other.

We’ve all got ours, over here at Think Digital. Ours came at all stages in our careers. We love hearing Tipping Point stories from other strivers.

They’re like stories from explorers and adventurers. Yes, I used to live in a calm village, but I decided to see what was past the scary forest, and guess what I found over there!

That’s how we discovered chocolate.

Welcome! We hope you find something in these Tipping Point stories. Maybe we’ll feature yours someday—sooner than later, if we have our way.

Share some words below and let's take the next step across the chasm together. Every adventure has a fair few.



Athena Ed. Note: Kristina has been enthralled by this point in a person's evolution since time immemorial. A few bits and bobs from the past: Tipping Point to Strength - How Alicia Rancier has re-ignited an old love and Marco The Toy Branding Designer AND her Tipping Point Story penned by Oliver Blakemore : Kristina and Self-Invention - A Founder's Tipping Point


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