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I seek your Tipping Point Story

I mean the tale of Crossing the Chasm. Traipsing over The Threshold between Before and, well, Now.

A lesser known fact about me is that I once jumped off a plane ten times in one week. It was skydiving in Motueka, New Zealand where I once fancied the idea of being a skydiving instructor. That was the "hefty" price to pay. I adored it. I wonder sometimes if that is the very same mindset I've held onto most of my adult life in order to equip myself to take the necessary leaps of faith I've had -- living and working across 4 continents.

But there's more. It's the energy I get from others in my present universe.

Everyone I’ve ever got along with is nurturing a more than half-baked plan for the clever coffee shop or Italian countryside vineyard which they will run someday. That’s aside from the ones already running that aforementioned coffee shop. I don’t seek these people out. Or, rather, I do, because there’s something in them, some spark of adventure, that sees a coffee shop as a perfect expression of their adventuring spirit.