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Purpose defines us

It seems rather obvious: we all need a reason to get up in the morning. A sense of purpose is as fundamental as it comes. Business is no longer about selling a product either. It hasn't been for many years. Or not only. Now, people buy the stories around the product. They buy into its origin and safety badges...people buy the founders' stories and motivations. Products are as much about their purpose as how they look and feel.

The purpose of every business must be built into its DNA. Purpose needs to be clear in all aspects of your business. It needs to be clear in the content you develop, and it should be reflected in all business areas including marketing, staffing, and partnerships. To build an intelligent product and brand you need a foundation in an understanding of what matters to consumers. Cultural nuances, sustainability, and diversity, which goes beyond ethnicity, are no longer passing trends. They should be foundational parts of your brand vision and purpose.

Brand Purpose

Not all ideas have to be conceived from scratch. Many ideas are born out of necessity or lack of trust or lack of efficiency. The best ideas in your competitive landscape are not mere products. They are solutions. The question of brand purpose becomes fundamental.

Purposeful ideas