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Building Habits and The Art of 10 Minutes a Day

The Art of Wielding 10 Minutes a Day (or even 20 minutes) can completely, and quite immediately, improve anyone's physical and mental well-being, no matter what your base point is.

Just a mere decade ago it seemed a bit of an urban legend to do regular exercise and not be enrolled in a gym or be a yoga-driven tree-hugging hippie. These stereotypes have all but melted away when Science tells us how important exercise is to health, and how even the smallest of tweaks to our lifestyles can drive such impactful changes. And it starts simply, and humbly enough: Commandeer ME time, disconnect from the mundane tasks (and wifi) and see what your body can do to be the best version of yourself!

We all have the capacity to build a new brilliant habit, right?

...But, but The phones! The TV! The internet! The deluge of information forever falling on all of us. If you’re not fully in the now, then you’re not anywhere—that seems to be the mainstream view. Where “in the now” means entirely in the now, without any interruption.

We used to watch the news. We rocked our heads to live radio on our cars. Do you remember that? There were professional people who made it their business to investigate the world and provide it to you in clear, interesting ways at regular times of day, so that you could go away afterwards and have a cup of ginseng tea, or maybe JUST gin (we don't judge), and process it for a little while. Maybe talk to your friends. Maybe decide how you feel about it before you had an opportunity to do anything.

Information traveled at the speed of humans. It would pass through eyes and ears and mouths for a while, and be examined and considered, before it fell out of the sky on you like a squirrel’s bad idea of a pick up line. It might not have been a perfect system, but it moved at a speed I could handle.

Now we live in a world of push notifications. All websites—the informational storefronts of everything—exist on such a hair trigger of potential obsolescence that they plead—they beg—to keep in touch with you every moment that something happens. Nobody knows—or stops to wonder, maybe—what anyone will find interesting, so they just tell you everything and hope that something sticks.

Hyperconnectivity, studies have shown, exacerbates our diminishing capacity for a good night's sleep (something so fundamental to our wellness)

However with thoughtful self-care preparations, resisting it is entirely possible for every waking (and sleeping) hour.

Circling back to habits:

This necessity to take the time for rituals and good habits...They say it takes 21 days to build a habit; and 90 days for it to be a lifestyle. We are running a 7-Day Challenge (and we've run this experiment amongst ourselves in Think Digital, by the way)... We offer gifts of free workshop seats to the super dedicated ones. Just let us know you're interested and you get a beauty or wellness gift before you commit to anything else! More about that later.

The thing for today is simple:

If you can commit to doing one thing, be it flexing a new skill, creating a new healthy habit or self-care ritual...a wellness quest...Share your interest in the typeform below.

We will make it easy and painless, as we do. Scroll down to take two minutes to get our conversation started.

So tell us about your Wellness Quest, #sleepgoals, your skincare regime (are you as OCD as I am? These are all burning questions)


I dedicate this playlist to you, built with some of my favourite people in the world who tolerate my #yogaeverydamnday thing and only smirk mildly when I push the whole smoothies and kettlebells thing like one of those annoying Hipsters in love with Circuit Training.

Welcome to #ThinkDigital where we explore all sorts of beautiful and wonderful things from the digital world, while keeping it real. Share some words below and let's explore this fabled journey of being the best version of ourselves...



We come bearing gifts, by the way: Tell us about your self-care rituals We'd love to feature your #wellnessquest story. Every adventure has a fair few.


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