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How does a Rock Star Roaster roast coffee that rocks your world?

Deep in your heart and at the bottom of that cup lies the answer.

Coffee elicits a rather unique adoration and fandom. Somewhere between the beans and the brew lies the work of an artist. Let's celebrate their notoriety together, shall we?

Coffee roasters inhabit a somewhat hazy place in American culture. Very few are well known, and even those are usually more recognized by a brand name or logo. This means that their influence on the coffee scene seems almost marginal, yet if it weren’t for them, many of us would be drinking bad coffee.

That is all starting to change though. Initially, coffee was ground and vacuum packed on an industrial level, with little regard for the process. Then someone came up with the god awful idea of instant coffee. The market was flooded with brands vying for attention.

Next came the flashy coffee chains; many of which were expensive and littered the planet, with their ubiquitous city outlets. The natural reaction to that was to shift to a more refined and ethically sourced coffee. The field got more crowded every day, but the ones that stand out not only concentrate on making the best product, but also giving back to the community. (We will be focusing on this matter over the next few weeks, as well)...

Drinking coffee is probably one of the most global things that one can do, every day. Choosing a supplier that gives back to the community makes it even more so.

The coffee plant, despite being rather hard to work with, grows in over 70 countries around the world. In some nations it is their biggest export. Coffee is really a fruit, a berry if you will, and the little green beans are harvested, bagged and sent to roasters all over the world. In its natural state, freshly harvested, it isn’t much. But a good roaster can turn what is basically a cherry pit into something magical.

The best of these roasters can coax out flavors that few others can. Until you have tried a well roasted bean, you have nothing to compare it to. But one taste and you’ll know the difference. There is a reason it’s called ‘specialty coffee’ or "an artisan brew"

To you who have ventured out, cup after us highlight the notoriety of the Roaster in Your Local. It's easy, upload your cuppa here, scroll below. Every Month we will pick roasters to profile, and YOU, fellow coffee geek, have a chance of winning a prize up to a free year (1 bag of specialty artisan craft roasted coffee each month for a year)

Or simply post the picture in your favourite platform tagging @freshpressedcoffee with hashtags #rockstarroaster and #freshpressedcoffee Add #indiecoffee #coffeetribe and #epiccoffee if so inclined (just don't forget to tag us, whichever hashtag rocks your boat)


Every week #RockstarRoasters get their notoriety celebrated on and several Impact Partners' websites. Share your local go-to.



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