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Our Three Favourite Treats to Celebrate Black History Month

The Fresh Pressed Coffee Team have collaborated with many startups and founders over the years. Today I feel inspired by Eat the Culture. Founded by Meiko Temple of Meiko and the Dish, Eat the Culture was established to create community-centered spaces that nurture, support, and amplify Black culinary creators. Here are some of our favorites,

Let's celebrate, foodies one and all.

Every year, collaborations across the world (albeit virtually) create a sorta potluck, collectively elevating their craft and amplifying the culinary heritage across the African diaspora.

Have a cuppa with us. We love coffee, but if tea is your thing, we most certainly would never judge. Sit back and celebrate some of these wonderful culinary creators with us.

This could be a tasty new habit!

If you have any coffee shoppes, roasters, tastemakers and culinary geniuses you'd like us to toast to,

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  • Tag us in instagram @freshpressedcoffee #eatculture

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Bur, for now: A few of our favorites paired with an excellent cup of coffee

From left to right: Lee Lee's Baked Goods, a Legendary Bakery in Harlem, Sweet Potato Biscuits by Black Girls Who Brunch, and Fonio Pound Cake with Hibiscus Glaze by A Classic Twist


"This Fonio Pound Cake With Hibiscus Glaze is an ode to my African roots and my love of experimenting with new flavors in unexpected ways. Don’t sleep on trying this one if you are looking for a new kitchen adventure! I have been participating in this Black History Month Virtual Potluck for a few years now. Each year, I learn new things about the African diaspora and the culture through the amazing food." A Classic Twist


Sweet Potato Biscuits "Growing up, biscuits were our after-church meal. My mother would crack open the can, throw them in her Corningware dish, then cook them until they were golden brown. My sister and I would then fight over who got the middle biscuit, both preferring the soft edges. While my working mother did not have the time to create homemade biscuits, she still curated a tradition that holds a special place in my heart." Black Girls Who Brunch


Rugelach by Lee Lee's Baked Goods - Legendary Bakery in Harlem Mr. Lee Lee has often been cited as he who brought rugelach to Harlem (and is critically acclaimed by multiple publications as

"...the only transcendent unleavened rugelach I’ve found are made in Harlem by a baker named Alvin (Lee Lee) Smalls...” - Hannah Goldfield, The New Yorker"

To Mr. Lee Lee-- celebrating his 80th birthday soon; and persistently doing what he loves: "I'm not looking to be the next cronut. It's all about the joy of baking." —Lee Lees Rugelach


Kristina Marie writes about coffee, wellness, and education. Heralding diversity and inclusion is an everyday part of Think Digital, who support small businesses with weekly workshops and regular strategy sessions from working with NYUL and Growth Path Harlem. Her blood type is C (for coffee, obviously), and thus working with Nicholas and his sustainability ethos is an absolute pleasure always.


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