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Why Craft Beer and Specialty Coffee are Soulmates

Of course you could just crack open a beer from one of the big breweries and have a break out on the patio. But why would you, when there are so many delicious types of craft beers out there? Then again, if you had never tried one, how you you even know that the cold beverage in your hand is boring and somewhat tasteless?

A good example is eggs. Have you ever tried a freshly lain egg? The difference between those and the kind that have likely been sitting in storage for a couple of weeks is hard to imagine. Unless you have sampled the former, the latter is more than just acceptable. But the difference is huge. Take the Pepsi challenge on a souffle or omelette made with freshly lain eggs versus store-bought, and that's it: Game Over and you may well be on your way to acquiring chickens for your yard..I digress; but only ever so slightly...

This massive difference in taste (not to mention ecological sourcing, control over additives and coloring) is one of the many reasons that craft beers have become immensely popular, not just in America, but all over the world. Yes, they usually are a bit more expensive, but you really do get what you pay for. However, drinking beer for breakfast thankfully went out of fashion during the 1500s, when coffee found its way in to Europe. So what is coffee’s response to the newest trend of more flavour, better sustainability and more control over the end product?

Well, quite simply, speciality coffees.

Much like those behind craft beer, the roasters and distributors of speciality coffees actually care about their product, as opposed to simply the bottom line profits. Both understand that the quality of their finished product is heavily reliant on the farmer that produces the main ingredients. Making sure that they are happy and well paid is of the utmost importance.

I have never loved beer, but have always adored coffee since the beginning of time. But this changed quite a bit a few years ago when I discovered EDGE Brewing



Then there is the care and love that is put in to the production process. Meticulously planned and prepared, be it coffee or beer, the goal is to make the consumer feel good about what they have bought, taste being just a small part of the bigger picture.

Both roasters and importers of the more speciality brands of coffee not only concern themselves with the quality of their end product, but also the fair distribution of profits and the sustainability of demand.

So next time you reach for a coffee in the morning (or in my case throughout the day), ask yourself - do you know where the beans are from?

Does it taste exceptional?

Are the farmers being paid well for their crop?

Your own answers might surprise you.


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