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Nicholas and the Fresh Pressed Coffee Tipping Point

Oliver and I get pretty enthused about discovering that point of a Startup or Creator's Journey. This is a sneak peek into the Origin Story of Nicholas B. Haffter Von Heide.

As a matter of course, startups who pledge allegiance to coffee in one way or the other already have my attention. Nicholas is the founder of Fresh Pressed Coffee Company. The brand was established in 2018 with Farmer's Markets where the beans began impacting communities with over 9,000 locations across the United States by 2019. Fresh Pressed Coffee beans were at the heart of your local YMCA raising $10,000 by 2020. As a hobby, coffee has a side-effect of thinking. Call it mindfulness in every cup, but no matter what kind of coffee you like, there’s a few minutes of attentiveness that comes with every cup. When forced to spend a few minutes paying attention to the same thing on the regular, our minds—natural wanderers—seek connections. We look for stories. Where does our coffee come from? Why does it cost three dollars for a cup of coffee but I can get a whole pound for twelve dollars? The math is weird.