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Beyond Templates for PINROSE - PINROSEMUSE.COM

Bespoke Tribe Building Strategy - Case Study

When people say “Building a Tribe” do you imagine an eBook or Action Checklist whereby a social media calendar is paired with Influencers who get paid $10,000 for 3 posts (or something like that). This is the antithesis to that model.

Above is a Vimeo Showcase with how we created a way to meld Science and Art to portray "Synesthesia" - the heart of PINROSE Scents, where a perfume is perfectly paired with someone after doing a Scent Quiz where they reveal what they love to see, smell and hear.

Kristina and Desiree designed "Building a Tribe" to have 3 bespoke workshops. It helped PINROSE gain 267,000 new eyes on the brand (per campaign)...and a tribe of 10,000+ Ask us how!

Below is a quick excerpt from Digital Sushi 101 by Kristina Marie. The first of eight sessions created bespoke for a fragrance startup making a dent in the personalized perfume universe.  Digital Sushi 101 will uncover quickly which aspect of digital marketing you already know and love...and which one you're not too crazy about. This knowledge gets you “unstuck” (if that’s what’s necessary) — and then off to methodical ways to bring you from idea-to-launch in three 2-hour sessions or eight 2-hour sessions for your entire team to focus on strategy implementation. 

Many of our students apply what they learn from just 1 session.
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