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Blogging and Content

Time Investment: 1 hr weekly / 3 hrs monthly

The blog about blogging will be short. Let that be a lesson to you: use the words you need. Save up the rest. People love stories.

They love engaging with words. We’re a verbal species. Blogs and longer content are excellent tools for brand building.


  • Professional expertise.

  • Experiences. Stories sell, man. Sell them.

  • Industry trends. Talk about them and comment on them. You’re part of the playground, so be part of it.

  • Lessons learned


Thought Leadership

You can use blogs and other long-form content to build and strengthen the voice ofyour brand persona, covered in earlier blogs. You can also use blogs to engage for longer periods with your tribe.

Everyone likes soundbites. Soundbites are the social media equivalent of tapas—offinger sandwiches—of a single roll of sushi. All are good. All build your brand.

Wandering along on a single thought for a while has its own, different strengths. Some are brand-related: they can be a long meal. Some are SEO-related: blogs can be steeped in the stuff that the algorithms love trolling around to find.

Key Metrics

  • Reduced bounce rate.

  • Click-through

  • Post views as well as profile views.

  • Demographics of your readers (industries, job titles, locations, and traffic sources).

  • Likes, comments, and shares


  • Publish whenever you feel passionate.

  • Recommended: Bi-weekly or once a month


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Meet The CONTENT Team

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We now avoid the term "digital hacks". It's a long story as to why; but in a previous incarnation of our Think Digital Blog, this is what Persephone writes about: The deep dark secrets of digital marketing that they don't teach in Uni Classes or books. Expect Think Tank Tactics and how to Spring-Clean your content anytime of the year.

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Have you heard the saying that "When Mercury is in Retrograde, everything descends into chaos"? This applies to calendars not syncing, Dropbox folders discombobulating and Logins not working. Mercury writes about Productivity Tactics and automation. He writes for Think Tank Tactics (aka "Knowledge Library") also.

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In Greek Mythology, Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom and War. A wildly beloved guardian of knowledge, Athena is our #ThinkDigital Editor in Chief for Think Tank Tactics. She also writes about her decades of experience in Beauty and Global Strategy while Battling challenges in the deeper meaning of Diversity & Multiculuralism.

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