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Time for Some Battle Tactics! I mean, MarketingTactics!

From the outside, effective marketing looks effortless. Effective marketing looks like a company engaging in casual conversation with its tribe. Effective marketing material looks ad-libbed and off-the-cuff. When a company has effective marketing, the images and language looks thrown together by someone with a perfect grasp of the company’s cultural values. They didn’t need to think about it. They live their company culture to an extent that choices are obvious and natural.

Yeah, that’s all an act.The rare brand getting away with truly spontaneous content creation has that spontaneity built into their brand. They do exist, but they’re rare.

Most companies rely on deeply prepared strategies for their marketing.In the long run, the fact is all effective marketing requires a strategy.

There are two levels to all effective marketing:

  1. What you’re saying. Your content.

  2. Your distribution.

Content creation is creative and exciting, and for some people it’s the easy part.

But it is only half.

Without a good distribution plan, it doesn’t matter what you say or how cool your visuals are or how well you’ve formed that clever joke. Nobody will ever see any of your marketing without a well-conceived strategy for distribution.

  • Strategy: infrastructure.Strategy is lining your tools up to accomplish goals by deadlines.

It’s getting your people, your apps, your timelines, all lined up to execute on accomplishing your goals.

  • Tactics: the doing. Check back here. We’re going to be running a series of articles to help you build your strategy so that you can get set up to execute your tactics


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Meet The CONTENT Team

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We now avoid the term "digital hacks". It's a long story as to why; but in a previous incarnation of our Think Digital Blog, this is what Persephone writes about: The deep dark secrets of digital marketing that they don't teach in Uni Classes or books. Expect Think Tank Tactics and how to Spring-Clean your content anytime of the year.

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Have you heard the saying that "When Mercury is in Retrograde, everything descends into chaos"? This applies to calendars not syncing, Dropbox folders discombobulating and Logins not working. Mercury writes about Productivity Tactics and automation. He writes for Think Tank Tactics (aka "Knowledge Library") also.

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In Greek Mythology, Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom and War. A wildly beloved guardian of knowledge, Athena is our #ThinkDigital Editor in Chief for Think Tank Tactics. She also writes about her decades of experience in Beauty and Global Strategy while Battling challenges in the deeper meaning of Diversity & Multiculuralism.

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