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Instagram, Imagery, and Video

Time Investment: 30 mins daily / 2 hrs weekly / 6 hrs monthly

People love imagery. People really love video. We’re a visually responsive species. Effective imagery can be a powerful marketing tool, no matter what you’re selling. Think of "the feed" as The Grid : The Window Display to your Brand DNA


  • Company videos

  • Webinar and conference recordings

  • Influencer videos

  • Product tips and tricks

  • Company presentations

  • Webinar decks

  • Infographics

  • Well designed, short, and informative content

  • Plan ahead to create an impact in "Eye Candy" terms.


Lead Generation

Pick your tags wisely. There are a few tools out there designed to help you in tag selection.We’ve got some of those that we like, and we’ll tell you about them in another place.

For now, you could do worse than to check what tags your brand crushes are already using.If their tags effectively get their content in front of you, then you can trust those tags to attract people LIKE you.

Your tribe will be made up of people like you.

Something to remember: Get your lead capture tools in order. Make sure that, wherever sensible and possible, give your tribe the chance to keep in touch with you.

Key Metrics

  • Inquiries and leads

  • Demographics of your readers and followers


SEO is an ever-changing organism and needs its own course. We’ve got one of those, fortunately.

The internet bubbles over with hot tips to improve the SEO for your imagery and videos. The tips are of varying quality, which is a simple result of how much the science of SEO changes all the time.

Over the last decade of SEO, a couple-few of the things that have remained more or less constant...

  • Make your titles relevant to the subjects of your videos and other imagery.

  • Avoid instincts to be clever, unless you’re confident in your cleverness.

  • Don’t try to be too obscure (nor overly fancy) with your vocabulary. Commoner terms work better.

Key Metrics

  • Linkbacks

  • Keyword rankings

  • Engagement

Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

It is possible to befuddle your potential tribe members with imagery that makes little sense given your brand. Wherever possible, avoid sharing things that just seem easy to share.

Share pictures and videos that matter to your tribe. If you share memes, share memes that match your brand. Attention alone is an insufficient tool in effective marketing. You need to create real connection with your tribe or else they won’t care when you have something genuinely important to announce and share.

Plan ahead using tools like where you can preview your posts as well as your grid -- the ones that stay on instagram as your brand DNA. Stories and Reels are fantastic, but creating a pattern with your posts on the grid is very entertaining, and it shows you are a visionary on some level-- all startups and business owners are.

Position yourself as one of the authorities in the market playground by consistently sharing brand-appropriate content.

Create visual content that your tribe can rally around. You are the banner-bearer.

Key Metrics

  • Views

  • Actions (downloads, likes, and embeds)

Your Missions

  • Upload new content weekly

  • Highlight decks on profile page

  • Group content into playlists


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