Find Your Tribe

Has anyone ever told you that Your Soulmate is out there, your better half? This is much MUCH easier to believe and digest (AND I come bearing evidence) : Your brand, your company offering already has a Tribe. You just haven't found each other yet. Less than 10 months prior to me writing this post (yes, during covid)-- my team and I created a tribe of influencers who between them had 3M followers. This energy-- this collective passion-- was corralled before a product was there for ANYONE to buy. They bought into the ethos of being part of a community-- A tribe. Time to learn. Here’s the learning…

  • You have a tribe out there waiting to pick up what you’re laying down.

  • You need to know why you want to talk to THEM and how to do it.

Classical Revolution

Digital Origami – A Neo-Traditional Example

Come with me on a journey, if you will. Let's talk about The Company "Digital Origami" Digital Origami is an all-in-one resource for e-commerce store. It creates bespoke templates for startups of a similar adventuresome mindset to its founders. Apollo, its founding member, needs a tribe who sees value in a marketing system as pliant as paper, but which still requires participation of its user to turn it into a truly human digital presence of its store. Apollo, like the savvy-minded businessperson, has no interest in spending more on his tribe-building than prudence allows.

Why define your tribe?

Creating a profile for his tribe makes Apollo fully armed with the best tools to find his most loyal customers, partners, and clients.


What is a Tribe?

Your tribe is potential customers, clients, partners, who share values with you or your company. If you find a shared value-base, you’ve found the people who will want to be part of your story.

Your tribe will likely share certain characteristics, such as:


They may fall into similar:

  • Age groups

  • Gender identities

  • Household income levels

  • Occupations or areas of business

  • Education (eh, maybe)

  • Locations or residential choices (urban, small town, rural, etc.)


They’ll gravitate to similar hobbies, types of entertainment, places of adventure.


They’ll pop their heads into similar haunts, on- or offline. They may like similar sports or touch other tribes. (Lots of people already belong to other tribes, and that’s all to the good. Get in with influencers in tribes overlapping yours, if you can.)

There are people out there who share your values who aren’t as in with your story, though.

Your Tribe and Your Audience

Your tribe is the people who share values with you who are also sharing your story. That’s the ideal. There are people out there who share your values who aren’t as in with your story, though. Maybe this secondary tribe just hasn’t gotten to know you yet. Maybe they like you, but they’re not ready to buy in. It’s all cool. Just be aware of them.

Your Tribe

Talk to your tribe. Focus your messaging on them. They’re most invested in your story and most happy to go on adventures with you.

Your Audience – Extended Tribe

A lot of people out there share values with you and your tribe, but they haven’t got in with your story yet for whatever reason. They’re cool too in their own rite. They might someday be part of your tribe. In the meantime, it’s most valuable to talk in ways your extended tribe understands, but don’t worry about them too much. Except when you’re doing a big marketing push to expand your tribe, your extended tribe isn’t worth a lot of marketing dollars. These are the people who’ll drop a like on your videos but won’t buy your product.

Defining Digital Origami’s Tribe

Find the time to build your tribe