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Find Your Tribe

Has anyone ever told you that Your Soulmate is out there, your better half? This is much MUCH easier to believe and digest (AND I come bearing evidence) : Your brand, your company offering already has a Tribe. You just haven't found each other yet. Less than 10 months prior to me writing this post (yes, during covid)-- my team and I created a tribe of influencers who between them had 3M followers. This energy-- this collective passion-- was corralled before a product was there for ANYONE to buy. They bought into the ethos of being part of a community-- A tribe. Time to learn. Here’s the learning…

  • You have a tribe out there waiting to pick up what you’re laying down.

  • You need to know why you want to talk to THEM and how to do it.

Classical Revolution

Visual Origami – A Neo-Traditional Example

Come with me on a journey, if you will. Let's talk about The Company "Visual Origami" Visual Origami is an all-in-one resource for e-commerce store. It creates bespoke templates for startups of a similar adventuresome mindset to its founders. Apollo, its founding member, needs a tribe who sees value in a marketing system as pliant as paper, but which still requires participation of its user to turn it i