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Plot Your Customer Journey

Time to learn. Get ready to start:

  • Prepare the plot of your customer journey.

  • Fill out The Plan for your customer journey.

A strong understanding of the story your customers follow when they decide to buy your product will strengthen your marketing strategy.

Customer Journey Funnel

Review! Your customer journey is the story of members from your tribe deciding to buy what you’re selling.

We can break it down into three flexible stages.

Awareness: Your first brush with them, when you get to say hello and start attracting attention to your story.

Consideration: This is the part when people get more curious about your story.

Conversion: The end of the story. Your new people decide to buy.

Outline Your Plot

There’s no such thing as a universally applicable plan. Every plan needs to be firm enough to hold its own weight, but flexible enough to weather disaster.

Here’s a strong start:


  • Timing. What times will my tribe feel receptive to learning the story behind what I’m selling? Time of day. Time of year. Time of life.

  • Placement. Where will my tribe be looking?


  • Timing again. What times will my tribe enjoy learning MORE about my story?

  • Medium. How does my tribe consume stories? Read them? Videos? Events?


  • Again, timing. What are the buying habits of your tribe? Buying can involve myriad feelings, and those feelings can be influenced by other stuff happening in their lives.

  • It’s an ethos, man. By this point, your customers might need just a little nudge. Make it appropriate to your culture, is all.

Case Study – Nourishing Essentials

Nourishing Essentials, a retailer of superfood dietary supplements is well aware of the focus on making good on all the health-related resolutions that tend to happen in the new year. The challenge is maintaining the message throughout the yeanar. Wellness Quest became the tagline for a marketing campaign on Instagram, YouTube and Amazon during the second quarter of the year...with the view of a person's Summer Goal being the natural "end" of the campaign

Mercury can build a stronger strategy if he informs it with a strong grasp of the plot of his customer journey. A well-plotted customer journey will help him time his schedule to make his tribe aware of products on sale during the first quarter of the year. He might plan his customer journey like this…


When: End of March

  • How: Videos in YouTube (embedded in blogs) that appeal to different types of Brand Buyer Personas. Asking people to "Join the Not-so-Secret Superfood Society"

  • Smoothie Bowl Pictures and recipe-fuelled videos on Instagram of Nourishing Essentials dietary supplements and the smoothies and granola made with them.


When: Beginning of April

How: Testimonials from past customers and imagery sourced from early adopters who’ve already got theirs.


When: April to first week of May (5 Week Campaign)


When: May Day Specials

How: Special offer of 20% off to existing customers or Free Shipping for first-time buyers

Final Thoughts

  • Plot customer journey to build stronger marketing strategies.


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