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Tipping Point to a Circular Economy Business Model-- Livity Yoga

I'm one of those yoga-mad people who does the yoga-every-day thing. Although I joke that I bunk the "tree-hugging hippie" stereotype, I do in fact hug trees occasionally, and it has always made me feel some connection to the world we live and breathe in. It seemed natural, therefore, that I would come across Renee Manzari, Founder and CEO of Livity Yoga. who was born in Jamaica, where “environmentalism” isn't a choice; it's the natural way of life.

Renee Manzari founded Livity Yoga to heal the planet through its sustainable, durable, and recyclable yoga gear. Everyone’s talking about the “Circular Economy” these days, but does anyone know what it means? Renee is determined to figure it out and grow as a thought leader who is actually doing something about saving the environment with her lightbulb idea. For those of us who love the practice of yoga for mindfulness or fitness, it does feel odd that the yoga mats we have access to are generally made of plastic that can't be recycled. Enter a beautiful ex-Investment Banker Yogi... At Livity, they use common sense and collaboration to build circular products. In a perfect world, the production loop would use plastic from the environment to make gear. It wouldn’t rely on virgin materials.

Is this for real? Is SHE for real? I really loved our conversation, and YES, Renee is one of the most genuine trailblazers I've met so far. I'm liking this 360-degree sustainability way of thinking. Play the video for the Cliff Notes.

...So there you have it, the founder's thoughts and genuine words about how her company is allowing yogis and enthusiasts to lead a more sustainable lifestyle by contributing to the circular economy.

Some of our favourites: Mandala Non-Slip Cork Yoga Mat, Renewable Cork Yoga Block, and Stainless Steel Water Bottle (Non-Toxic, naturally)

More about Renee's story in her website. But many people have you met whose eureka moment involved coming face to face with how ravaged our earth really is sometimes....and actually stand up and do something significant to help heal it?!

" I was born in Jamaica, where “environmentalism” isn’t a choice; it’s the natural way of life. I thrived in that tropical paradise. I used to swim in turquoise waters and snorkel among vibrant reefs. But over the years, I watched in horror as coral bleached, and fish disappeared. I began to find more plastic tangled in the reefs. My heart, my soul, and my island home were in danger."

Renee decided to truly do something about it. I’ve made a new friend.

Welcome to the #WellnessQuest family, Renee. Readers, support this lovely woman's cause and you'll be happier doing downward dogs and tree pose on cork, I promise you!

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If you haven't already read it, get to know Simona Hendy a personal trainer who is also part of our perpetual quest to achieve that fabled work-life-balance



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