On Customer Journey and blowing them away

Time to learn. Get ready to start.

  • Define customer journey.

  • Customer journey is a story about people from your tribe deciding to buy your product, i.e., how people engage with your marketing.

  • We’ll learn how to plot a course for your customer journey.

  • In plotting the best course ever, you have the opportunity to blow them away.

Case Study – Nourishing Essentials

Nourishing Essentials sells superfoods—cacao nibs, goji berries, etc. The company sells mostly online, but they’ve started opening brick-and-mortar stores.

Mercury H. owns and does the bulk of design work for Nourishing Essentials.

As many one-man bands, His next challenge is figuring out the optimum time to put marketing energy toward Instagram. Plotting a customer journey will arm Mercury.

Mercury’s goal is expanding his tribe, and he has heard everyone say that Instagram is the space to nurture a tribe. Mercury has already done some work figuring out his values. He’s defined his tribal avatar as people who want to eat healthier but specifically want to avoid the “health food stigmas.”

But wait...it starts with knowing how to find The Tribe.

So here’s a description of that tribe:

For the purposes of today's quick lesson: it's people who buy superfoods, obviously. (Or is it?)

Why plot the customer journey?

With a firm grip of his customer journey, Mercury H. has a better idea where to put his marketing energies this season.

Three stages of the customer journey. (This is common knowledge about it, in its most simple form):

The journey your customers take is the story of the adventure from tribe member to customer.

It’s got three, flexible stages:

Awareness: Your first brush with them, when you get to say hello and start attracting attention to your story.

Consideration: This is the part when people get more curious about your story.

Conversion: The end of the story. Your new people decide to buy.

Customer Journey Funnel

Marketing is funnel-shaped. It catches a lot of people at the top, but a lot of them fall out of the story before you make sales. That’s just human nature. The best marketing has a narrower margin between who you catch at the top and who buys by the end.

Customer journeys are that story. Not everyone who sees your marketing will get to the end of the story. That’s okay, though. We take that data into consideration when designing effective marketing.

Marketing messages by stage of the customer journey

You tell your story in different ways at different stages of contact with potential customers. At some point--when done well-- the conversation becomes a two-way street, as all good conversations go. In plotting the customer journey...Mercury H. approached me, and together we discover that The Tribe is not just "superfood buyers".

The Tribe, in this case, is actually a "Superfood Society" --- a somewhat cerebral play on the calibre of buyers who invest in superfoods...